Racist murder in Athens

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Racist murder in Athens

 What does it mean? to cross half of Asia and get to Greece (to “Europe”) for a better life and then be murdered. Riding your bicycle at 4 am in the morning to get to work from one working class neighbourhood of Athens, to another, getting in the way of two young right wing extremists, on their motorbike. and your life is gone. Your mother, father, brothers and sisters are still waiting for those 50 or 100 euros per month. And it will take some time to hear that Sehzat was murdered. Nadina in her weekly column wonders why? what was the motivation of these two young men to kill another young man? just because he looked different and was “foreign”. An “alien”, a Muslim “threatening” as Nadina aptly writes to put the Acropolis under Islamic siege. How realistic this is? How can people think like this? What is happening in this country?????

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