Books Authored

2022     Triandafyllidou, A. and Gropas, R. (2022) What is Europe, London: Routledge, available in Open Access at

2022     ISAAKYAN, Irina, TRIANDAFYLLIDOU, Anna, BAGLIONI, Simone (editor/s), Immigrant and asylum seekers labour market integration upon arrival : NowHereLand : a biographical perspectiveCham : Springer, 2023IMISCOE Research Series –

2022     Rethinking Migration Studies, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, forthcoming.

2021     Triandafyllidou, A. and E. Gemi. 2021. Rethinking Migration and Return in Southeastern Europe: Albanian Mobilities to and from Italy and Greece. London UK: Routledge (Research on the Global Politics of Migration Series).

2015     Triandafyllidou, A. and R. Gropas. 2015. What is Europe? London, UK: Palgrave MacMillan.

2015     Triandafyllidou, A. and Gropas, R. (2015) What is Europe. London: Palgrave., 2nd edition forthcoming in 2022.

2012     (with Thanos Maroukis) Migrant Smuggling. Irregular Migration from Asia and Africa to Europe, London: Palgrave, published on 13 April 2012.

Books published in 2010 or earlier

2002     Negotiating Nationhood in a Changing Europe: Views from the Press, Ceredigion, Wales and Washington D.C.: Edwin Mellen Press.

2001     Immigrants and National Identity in Europe, London: Routledge.

1998     Η κοινωνική ψυχολογία της συμπεριφοράς των πολιτικών κομμάτων, Athens: Eλληνικά Γράμματα, in Greek.

1997     The Social Psychology of Party Behaviour, Aldershot: Dartmouth.