Mentoring of post-doctoral researchers and more senior fellows (main supervisor):

Dr Alexandra Dellios, AEUIFAI Fellow, (Sep-Oct 2018), with a project on Popular Histories and Public Narratives of Emigration and Immigration in Europe and Australia.

Dr Nick Dines, Research Fellow (2017-2018) and Jean Monnet Fellow (2018-2019) with a project on emerging globalizing cities in Africa.

Dr Jasper Chalcraft, Jean Monnet Fellow (2017-2019) with a project on migration and post-colonial cultural heritage in comparative perspective: Italy and Britain.

Dr Iakovos Iakovidis, Max Weber Fellow (2018-2019) with a project on the role of religion in international relations, with a special focus on Greek Turkish relations.

Dr Naoko Hosokawa, Max Weber and Cannon Foundation Fellow (2017-2018) with a project on Japanese national identity discourses in relation to Asia.

Dr. Michele Nori, Research Fellow (2017-2022) with a project on socio-economic transformation and resilience in rural communities in Europe (Sardinia, Italy), Africa (Southern Ethiopia) and Asia (China-Tibet plateau), as part of an ERC Advanced Grant project, directed by Professor Ian Scoones, University of Sussex (project acronym: PASTRES).

Dr. Vivian Gerrand, Max Weber and Endeavour (Australia) Fellow (2017-2018), from the University of Victoria in Melbourne, with a project on the dynamics of belonging and radicalization among Somali youth in Italy, the UK and Australia.

Dr. Jasper Chalcraft, Jean Monnet Fellow (2017-2018), with a project on dissonant cultural heritage in Europe.

Dr. Ester Gallo, Visiting Fellow (2016-2017) with a project on the governance of religious pluralism in South Asia.

Dr. Tamàs Szücs, EU Fellow (2016-2017) with a project on EU cultural diplomacy.

Dr. James Renton, Jean Monnet Fellow (2016-2017), with a project on the construction of identity and diversity in the Middle East and the ways in which such constructions affect current politics in the region.

Professor Ayhan Kaya, Jean Monnet Fellow (2016-2017), with a project on the relations between EU and Turkey with a special focus on issues of migration governance.

Dr. Katie Kuschminder, receiving a Rubicon Fellowship from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NOW) (2016-2018) with a project on Destination or in Transit? Decision making factors of Syrian and Nigerian migrants in Italy.

Dr. Daniela De Bono, receiving a FOIP Fellowship from the Swedish government (2016-2018) with a project on The Social Life of the Reception Regime in Malta and Italy. A Human Rights Perspective.

Dr. Katharina Lenner, Max Weber Fellow (2015-2016) with a project on Jordanian refugee policy and the governance of refugee integration in Jordan.

Dr. Aitana Guia, Max Weber Fellow (2015-2016) with a project on Nativism and Xenophobia in southern Europe.

Dr. Heather Grabbe, Jean Monnet Fellow, (2015-2016) with a project on Policy making and the Prioritization of Free Movement within the EU.

Dr Francesca Scrinzi, Marie Curie Fellow (2015-2018) with a project on Migrant Christianity – minority Christian churches in Italy and Spain.

Dr. Liudmila Kirpitchenko, Endeavour Australia Post-doctoral Fellowship from Deakin University, February to July 2015, studying intercultural communication patterns among mobile academics.

Dr. Hiroyuki Ishimatsu, Cannon Foundation Fellow, (2013-2014) with a project on the concept of empathy as a normative basis for living together in culturally diverse societies.

Dr. Jan Dobbernack, Jean Monnet Fellow, (2013-2014) with a project on liberalism and multiculturalism in Europe today.

Dr. Sabrina Marchetti, Jean Monnet Fellow, (2013-2015) with a project on the governance of care in relation to migration, gender and welfare policies.

Dr. Fulya Memisoglu, Jean Monnet Grant Holder (Jean Monnet grants of the Turkish government) (2012-2013) with a project on the management of irregular migration in Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria.

Dr. Lyuba Zhryznomirska, Jean Monnet Fellow (2012-2013), with a project on the assisted voluntary return of irregular migrants from the EU to Ukraine

Dr. Irina Isaakyan, Marie Curie Fellow (2012-2014) with a project on high skill female migration towards southern Europe.

Dr. Sabina Marchetti, Marie Curie Fellow (2011-2013) with a project on Circular care – migrant domestic workers in Italy.

Dr. Daniel Faas, Marie Curie Fellow, (2006-2008) with a project on education policy and multiculturalism in Europe.


 Supervision of doctoral students

Main supervisor

Ms Angeliki Dimitriadi, Democritus University of Thrace, 2009-2012, defended in July 2012, title of thesis: Transit migration in Greece (Διέλευση και Μετανάστευση στην Ελλάδα).

Ms Cynthia Malakasis, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA, September 2010-to date, defended successfully on 25 September 2013, title of thesis: Immigration and Nationalism in Greece.


Ms Daria Lazarescu, Panteion University, Athens, Greece, December 2008-2014, title of thesis: Investigating Careers in Cleaning Services. The case of Romanian Immigrants in Greece (Η Διερεύνηση της Σταδιοδρομίας Μέσα στις Υπηρεσίες Καθαρισμού: Η Περίπτωση των Ρουμάνων Μεταναστών/ Μεταναστριών στην Ελλάδα), defended successfully and with distinction, on 28 March 2014.

External examiner:

Ms Anna Kyriazi, European University Institute, SPS department, expected defence date 15 September 2017, title of thesis: .

Ms Liina Mustonen, European University Institute, SPS department, defence date 31 May 2017, title of thesis:Cosmopolitanism and its Others: Social Distinction in Egypt in the aftermath of the Revolution of 2011.

Mr Ardem Shtembari, University of Limoges, defending his thesis on 21 November 2016, thesis title: Après la guerre. Mobilisations et luttes pour la reconnaissance.

Mr Erdem Dikici, University of Bristol, successfully defended on 15 February 2016, thesis title: Integration and Transnationalism: The Role of Gülen-Inspired Initiatives in the Debates, Activities and Politics of Turkish Integration in Britain.

Mr Jonathan Zaragoza, European University Institute, SPS department, expected defence date 8 June 2016, title of thesis:Empowerment through migration control cooperation: the Spanish-Moroccan case.

Ms Aurore Filipo, Sciences-Po, Paris, with a thesis on Les nouvelles migrations de travail intra-europeennes, successfully defended on 24 November 2014.

Ms Gukaah Brenda Nwana, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, defended successfully in February 2014, title of thesis: German-based African Immigrants’ Transnational Sphere: Strategies of Incorporation and the Creation of Identity in an Expanded European Union.

Mr Andrei Stavila, European University Institute, Social and Political Sciences department, defended successfully on 10 December 2013, title of thesis: Citizens minus and Citizens plus. A normative attempt to defend citizenship acquisition as an entitlement based on residence.

Ms Narzanin Massoumi, Bristol University, UK, defended successfully on 18 June 2012, title of thesis: The movement against the ‘war on terror’: collective identity processes and the political consciousness of Muslim women activists

Ms Christine Hess, University of Bath, UK, defended successfully and with no corrections, on 19 June 2012, title of thesis: Comparing post-Soviet Diasporas: The integration of ethnic Greeks and ethnic Germans in their ‘historical homelands’: identity, housing and labour market

Ms Georgia Mavrodi, European University Institute, defended successfully in 2010, title of thesis: The Europeanisation of national immigration policies? Liberalising effects of EU membership in a “new” immigration country.