ITHACA Research Project

It has often been assumed that migrants who are well integrated, economically and politically, at a destination country tend to get settled and their economic and political ties with the country of origin tend to disappear. The ITHACA project argues that this is not necessarily the case and that the links between integration and transnational mobility are not linear nor unidirectional. Well integrated migrants may engage in transnational mobility for economic profit or because of emotional or political ties with the country of origin. ITHACA focuses on three research and policy questions:

• What kind of integration conditions in the destination country encourage transnational mobility?

• What kind of conditions in the country of origin encourage transnational mobility?

• What type of transfers take place through the transnational mobility of migrants?

ITHACA : Integration, Transnational Mobility and Human, Social and Economic Capital Transfers

Co-funded by the European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals, Community Actions 2012-2013,

Coordinator: Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou, European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies.

Duration: 2014-2016

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