Health care is a fundamental human right

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Health care is a fundamental human right

Watch this wonderful video made by Spanish doctors against the current reform of the health care policy towards (irregular) migrants. It explains very eloquently that providing health care is the obligation of each and every doctor – part of their oath to Ippocrates, indeed an ancient Greek legacy we can be proud of! – Health and health care should know no colour, no document, no morality of discrimination condemning some to die and others to live because they… have the appropriate papers. It is a difficult dilemma that we are facing at a time of such acute financial crisis – and we are facing it in Greece as well where the Parliament will most likely approve new austerity measures which will reduce among other things the pensions for elderly and uninsured people (currently at 350 approx. a month). As if this is where a civilised state will reform its public finance problem – by leaving uninsured and unprotected the elderly! the Spanish doctors video touches on the same issue from a different angle. Let’s wake up from this stupid ethnocentric nonsense. We are not going to get any richer by denying our solidarity to the poorest and weakest!

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